Family owned. family loved puppies

 One of the biggest commitments in life is adding a new member to your family. Our canine friends provide unconditional love & support. At Blessed Paws we take great responsibility caring on the legacy of one of the most fascinating & rare breeds the "Alapaha Blue Blooded Bulldog." 

The founder of Blessed Paws Sommer Macentonio has been in the field since 2010 as a Canine Behavioral Consultant and a Professional Service Dog Specialist. 

Blessed Paws is featured online as the #1 search on Instagram for #alapaabluebloodedbulldogs

The Alapaha Blue Blooded Bulldog is one of the few canines recognized by the American Rare Breed Association.  Our beloved puppies come from the original "Lana Lou" bloodlines. We are one of the few breeders left that remains true to the line and has strong, healthy, hardy & well trained puppies.

All puppies are raised in our home. Puppies receive 1:1 training and most are familiar with common commands such as sit and paw. Puppies are socialized with children in the home. Puppies are also socialized with our cat and other dogs.

These forever puppies will cling to their owners for love, support & affection. They are well versed and adapt well to a variety of environments. Whether its a rainy day and you want to take it easy or you want to see out adventure your pup is happy to be with you. Contrary to most breed's the Alapaha is incredibly athletic. Similar to the cat they have webbed feet. They love to swim, go hiking, go for a walk on the beach and will be continually seeking your affirmation as the pack leader. 

If you have any questions or interest in purchasing a pick from the litter please contact us. 


Phone: 941-888-0170.

Instagram: @alapahablsdpaws